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"Experience The Supernatural by Living in God's Dimension" by Suri Devaraj   

$15.95 (includes shipping and handling within the USA) 

Experience The Supernatural by Living in God's Dimension is the same book as "Supernatural Keys To A Higher Dimension" that has a few minor changes, updated endorsements and obviously the new title and cover; the 2nd edition. If you haven't delved into Suri's testimony and teachings on what it is to live in the power and authority of God where the prophetic, miracles, words of knowledge, discerning of spirits, angelic visitations and all other gifts of the Spirit are the norm, then please consider doing so today. Simply click on the book or following button to order.




#1 "Supernatural Keys to the Higher Dimension" by Suri Devaraj   

$15 (includes shipping and handling within the USA)

Supernatural Keys of the Higher Dimension - book

Do you know the Bible says you can be transported into another realm to unlock the treasures of God?  Have you ever wanted to see and hear what cannot be seen and heard by natural man?  Do angels and demons really exist?  Are there strongholds holding you back that you long to break free from?  In this powerful book, Suri Devaraj, shares several important keys God has taught him through many visitations and spiritual experiences based on the Word of God.  this book will teach you how to: overcome limitations, receive extraordinary power from God, go the to higher realms in God, receive the power of praying in tongues, walk in new dimensions of the Glory of God and much, much more!!  You will never be the same again after reading this book.  Prepare yourself and get ready for the journey!


#3 "Fear Not" by Suri Devaraj - Teaching (1 CD) $5

No Fear DVD - Pittsburgh Glory Invasion

This teaching is from our Pittsburgh Glory Invasion Conference.  Suri shares how we should be bold and resist fear.


#5 "Praying in the Spirit" by Suri Devaraj - Teaching (1 CD) $5

Praying in the Spirit - DVD

There is so much power released when you speak in tongues.  In this in depth teaching, Suri shows you how to be very affective in your prayers and see the Holy Spirit move in a powerful way in your life.

*For those who are interested in purchasing the entire Pittsburgh Glory Invasion Conference DVD set, please contact us @ for more information.  It is a 10 DVD set which includes both days teachings of David Herzog's, Suri Devaraj and Pastor Gary Mitrik.  Also, included is 2 worship DVDS from the conference as well.  Cost is $50, plus shipping and handling.*