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Suri was born in Naregal, a small village town in Karnataka State, India, to God fearing parents who brought him up in the Christian faith. He accepted the Lord in 1974 and obeyed the call of God to enter into the full time ministry in 1986. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, Suri began conducting evangelistic heal-ing crusades in partnership with the local churches in villages, towns and cities across India. Since then the Lord has been moving powerfully to touch, heal, and bring deliverance and salvation to thousands. His home church in Naregal (affiliated with the Church of South India) also witnessed a mighty move of God and revival. In recognition to the call of God upon his life, he was released from day to day leadership from his church to devote his time to what God was calling him to do in the ministry.

In recent years God has used him to minister in the more difficult areas of North and South India. In all these places God has poured out His Holy Spirit abundantly and many were saved, healed and delivered. At some meetings up to ten thousand people have been present to hear the Good News.

The testimonies of God’s awesome love, which flows from these crusades, are too numerous to tell. Many people who were deaf, blind, lame, had tumors and cancer, brain damage, arthritis and other ailments were all touched by God and healed. These miracles continue to flow in these crusades and meetings even now. To God be the Glory!

God has also been using Suri to teach, train and mobilize young people into the service of God all over India. His desire is for the people to become real disciples of Jesus. God has placed a burden on his heart to see an increase in church planting in India as well as other parts of the world. He always seeks to encourage and equip the people of God for this task.

In January 1990, God spoke to Suri about Europe and other countries. Since 1990 God has opened doors for him to minister to churches in England, Germany, Sweden, France and Norway. The Holy Spirit has been ministering powerfully in many manifestations, including healings and miracles. God has been using Suri to encourage and build the Church in all of these nations and he has seen the Church in Europe experience the same power of God as witnessed in India. In 2001 God expanded the ministry from not only Europe, but to the USA and Canada. God brought Suri and his wife, Tammy, to the USA and Canada to bless many people in these countries as well.

Suri was married on July 8th, 2001 to Tammy, an American. Tammy worked full time with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) for several years before God called Tammy in 1996 to India. In 1998 she returned to India full time to do the work of the Lord. For the past 7 years that she has lived in India, she has worked as a teacher in a Deaf School in North India as well as ministered to children and adults throughout India in churches, conferences, and crusades.

Together God has enabled Suri & Tammy to establish an orphanage and Bible School in India. Their vision is to reach millions all over the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to train them as missionaries and put the vision in them for lost souls. The vision and call continues to grow and expand!

Suri and Tammy have a special prophetic anointing, which God has used to touch many lives. They believe that God wants to raise up many young people to operate in the prophetic. They have been seeing an impartation of the prophetic and healing giftings. Suri & Tammy teach and pray for the impartation and many people have been blessed by this. Suri & Tammy feel that this is one of the most important offices (prophetic) that God is raising up in these last days.

If you would be interested in having Suri & Tammy come and minister in your church or group, please contact them at: contact@latterglory.org


Suri and Tammy Devaraj

Suri and Tammy Devaraj
Founders of Latter Glory Ministries