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Do you know the Bible says you can be transported into another realm to unlock the treasures of God?  Have you ever wanted to see and hear what cannot be seen and heard by natural man?  Do angels and demons really exist?  Are there strongholds holding you back that you long to break free from?  In this powerful book, Suri Devaraj, shares several important keys God has taught him through many visitations and spiritual experiences based on the Word of God.  this book will teach you how to: overcome limitations, receive extraordinary power from God, go the to higher realms in God, receive the power of praying in tongues, walk in new dimensions of the Glory of God and much, much more!!  You will never be the same again after reading this book.  Prepare yourself and get ready for the journey!

Supernatural Keys to the Higher Dimension (audio book)

  • File Type can be opened on most media players and devices including but not limited to iTunes.

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