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We indeed feel called by God to “lift up a banner for the peoples!” The Lord miracously provided all the finances for us to purchase 10 acres of land! The land is located in Suri’s home village of Naregal in Karnataka State, India.

There are 40 villages in the radius of 15 miles of Naregal. Out of these 40 villages, Naregal is the largest.

It is our vision to build an Orphanage, Bible School and School on this land that God has given us. Our goal is to begin to put the foundation up by the end of 2005. If we are able to raise more finances before then, we would like to build a place for our orphanage to hold 50 children, although our ultimate goal is 300-500 children. We would also like to begin to build part of our Bible School, a hall to have classes in to begin with.

We are in the process of designing the layouts for each of our projects. As we get them finished, we will be placing them on our web site so that everyone can view them.

<< 2015 Update on the Land >>

In the land we were able to build a very large water tank. We have completed the first 2 phases of building;

leaving only 2 more phases to go! 


The depth of the tank is 12 ft. and the width 15 ft. and length 35 ft.!

In this video, Micah and Abri stand on the ground and showcase the land on which the orphanage will be built.

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